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As a web developer, I had the privilege to collaborate with Bram Swinnen, a distinguished figure in sports performance coaching, to craft a robust online platform tailored to his expertise and services. The goal was to create a visually captivating, user-friendly website that seamlessly catered to Bram’s extensive clientele, offering easy event booking, account management, and intuitive navigation.

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Bram Swinnen is a renowned sports performance coach, counseling multiple federations, Olympic committees, and professional sports teams worldwide. With a track record that includes authoring international bestsellers, mentoring Olympic medalists, and serving as a high-performance specialist for esteemed organizations like ASICS Tennis Academy and KRC Genk, Bram’s expertise and experience in transforming athletes and teams are unparalleled.

I took on the challenge of building Bram’s website from the ground up, ensuring not only a visually appealing design but also prioritizing optimal site speed for enhanced user experience and improved SEO performance. The website boasts a seamless registration system allowing users to create their accounts, effortlessly book events, and receive automated email confirmations along with invoices for their reservations.

  • Visually appealing design emphasizing user experience and easy navigation
  • Efficient event booking system with automated email confirmation and invoicing
  • User-friendly interface for both visitors and admin, ensuring hassle-free management
  • Optimal site speed for enhanced SEO and superior performance

The website showcases two distinct courses offered by Bram, each meticulously detailed to cater to a wide audience, including personal trainers, performance coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and sports science students. The courses delve into critical aspects of sports performance, from force-velocity profiling to neurocognitive training, exercise biomechanics, and more.

Collaborating on this project allowed me to merge my technical expertise with Bram Swinnen’s profound knowledge in sports performance, resulting in a dynamic platform that not only represents his expertise but also facilitates seamless interaction with his audience.

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